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Typeless is an innovative data collecting AI designed for streamlined document processing. With advanced machine learning capabilities, Typeless excels in extracting valuable information from diverse documents without relying on predefined templates. Its adaptive algorithms enable it to effortlessly analyze and interpret various document formats, making it a versatile solution for data extraction tasks. Typeless operates seamlessly, reducing the need for manual input and accelerating the data collection process. Experience efficiency and accuracy in document processing with Typeless, your intelligent partner in harnessing data from a multitude of sources.


Resilient data capture

Unlike traditional solutions, Typeless utilizes advanced deep learning neural networks to maintain consistently high automation rates. This ensures accurate data extraction from your documents, even amidst layout changes


Faster Validation

With Typeless, you can streamline output validation time through a modern, user-friendly point-and-click system. Say goodbye to clunky validation interfaces often found in legacy software


Extensible automations

Typeless empowers you to automate pre- and post-processing seamlessly, eliminating the need for additional tools or integration points. Leveraging native functions and pre-built extensions, we simplify your automation journey


Powerful APIs

Integrating Typeless API into your application is seamlessly easy, allowing for a smooth and efficient incorporation of automated document processing capabilities.


Cloud-native architecture

Typeless boasts a cutting-edge cloud-native architecture, ensuring scalability, rapid deployment, and efficient utilization of cloud resources for optimal document processing performance.


“From the moment we went digital, by scanning IDs through the app, positive feedback from our clients quickly followed.”

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